Sentence Examples of Words

More than a definition of words, Sentence Examples of Words is trying our best effort to show real usage cases of every words in sentences because we believed that it is the best way to understand the meaning of words and how to use words in sentences.

Sentence Of:

Coraly - A Ceaseless Movement - Arrastras - Throughout The Resort - To Gain Without Pain - Lack Of Suitable - Clock Point - Many Happening At - And Surrendered It To - On The Occasion Of Her Birthday - Race Out - Guard Assigned To - A Full Member - A Woman Identified - In The Interest Of Strengthening - Is A Bit Hard - Could Come Handy - Establishment Was Closed - Whether It Is Beneficial - Name Of Actress - Ugly Behaviour - Can Be Hired For - Foremost Criteria - Must Also Factor - To Ensure The Effectiveness Of - Impelled To Seek - Per Times - Russian Pogroms - Reasonably Necessary For - I Like This Song