Sentence Examples of Words

More than a definition of words, Sentence Examples of Words is trying our best effort to show real usage cases of every words in sentences because we believed that it is the best way to understand the meaning of words and how to use words in sentences.

Sentence Of:

Was Greatly Intrigued - Indicate Actions - Prerequisite For Change - Field Of Expertise - Slightly Elongated - Motc - He Sits Down - Scared By - The Problem Laying - Which Is Definitely - Definitely Not A Good Idea - Exhibition Addresses - Due To Exactly - Thoroughly Rewarding - Seriously Rely On - A Minimal Mention - I Have Changed Since - El Arribo - Retrieval Phase - This Is Just A Pretend - Earlier In The Game I - Explicate With - Eyelet Dress - Pre Loved - Ask For Counsel - Are Not As Formidable As - Best Plausible - Impose Rule - Remove Some Of The Mystery - To Keep As Far