Sentence Examples of Words

More than a definition of words, Sentence Examples of Words is trying our best effort to show real usage cases of every words in sentences because we believed that it is the best way to understand the meaning of words and how to use words in sentences.

Sentence Of:

Constantly Based - In Light Of Recent Stories - Marcel Was Born - Chauffeur With - I Suppose Now - Dentsu - Net Of Destiny - Lacking Solutions - Capacete - Share A Mutual Passion - I Assume You See - Consistent With Each Other - Serves As Secretary - Insure That He Is - A Similar Disposition - It Was Not Too Large - As A Telling Case - Were Hesitant To - Uruguay Round - Decided To Go Another - Passionate Make - This Improvement Is Due To - It Was Not Produced For - De Milo - I Honestly Fell - Remain Impressed By - Any Guitar That - I Show Up Every Day - It Would Be Awesome If You Could - Long Lasting Make