Sentence Examples of Words

More than a definition of words, Sentence Examples of Words is trying our best effort to show real usage cases of every words in sentences because we believed that it is the best way to understand the meaning of words and how to use words in sentences.

Sentence Of:

Tavolo In Italian - People Were Going To Say - We Have Previously Made - Weak Step - Instant Pot - I Hoped Seeing - None Of The Trademark - As A Gentle Reminder - Committed To Publishing - Was Angry She Said - Fans Meeting - A Mock Up In A - Try A Shot Of - We Visited - Breakthrough Infection - Yang Jing - A Whole New Spectrum Of - Become Outrageous - Tarrant County College - Myriad Of Interests - At The Commentary - Slightly Strong - Interstellar War - Thing Large - According To A Paper - Citing It As - Devotion Has Been - One Of The Showpieces - Senate President Pro Tempore - A Love Of Winter